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He later worked as an organizer of the Amalgamated Shearers' Union of Australasia. An imposing figure, with dark hair and a large black beard, he became the league's most accomplished orator.

His colourful rhetoric was characterized by satire and sarcasm.

At Collingwood Registry Office on 9 July 1892 Mc Namara married a widow Matilda Emilie Bertha Bredt, née Kalkstein.

On returning to Sydney, William and Bertha established in 1893 a bookshop in Castlereagh Street.

The industrial militancy of the early 1890s convinced Mc Namara that the way forward to socialism was now through the ever-expanding union of workers, with community control of production, distribution and exchange, 'thus doing away with, for ever, the inevitable starvation, crime and destitution'.

Mc Namara organized the Amalgamated Navvies and General Labourers' Union of New South Wales, represented it on the Trades and Labor Council of New South Wales and was a director of the council's newspaper, the Australian Workman.

On in the Sacred Heart Hospice for the Dying, Mc Namara died of phthisis; he had suffered from it and from heart problems for some time.

In the wake of the 1893 bank crashes, Mc Namara was imprisoned for six months for selling a newspaper, Hard Cash, produced by Arthur Desmond, which allegedly criminally libelled a financial corporation. His records state that he received a "slight" gunshot wound to his right thigh. It says that he got the diary from a French soldier at the start. notes on formations), some reminiscences about home and some descriptions of his days.You may view, download for caching purposes only, and print pages or images from the website for your own personal use, subject to the restrictions set out below and elsewhere in these terms and conditions.In 1891 Mc Namara left the Socialist League because it had adopted reformist state socialism as its official ideology and was supporting the new Labor Electoral League.He turned his attention to improving the morale and fighting spirit of the unemployed, by forming an unemployed executive committee which functioned both as an agitational and welfare organization.

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Advertised as a 'Democratic Rendezvous', it became an unofficial headquarters for varied socialist and radical activity.

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