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Who is tyreke evans dating

The Grizzlies played the last five games without Evans, 28, and lost them all, including taking a particularly ugly defeat at Atlanta, which is the clear frontrunner for worst team in the league.

Try one of these to get you started: Name Search Watch Service'Lou Williams before the deadline and instead signed him to a three-year contract extension reportedly worth million.Assuming this eventually changes, a lot of Grizzlies fans will be eager to hear his explanation for the trade that wasn’t.Dana Gabrion, left, and Larry Harris, right, work together to open a window at the Frayser Bauhaus that's been sealed by paint.But Grizzlies brass decided against all those offers because they didn’t include any first-round picks, and left the deadline empty-handed.Let’s tag in SB Nation’s Grizzlies blog, Grizzly Bear Blues, which breaks down the Evans non-trade beautifully: As we all know by this point, Tyreke Evans is on a cheap one-year contract.

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