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Superbly satisfying strategy, a fantastic story spanning three separate-but-overlapping campaigns, a huge variety of personable (and eminently datable) warriors, and some of the very best writing in the business make this a must-play for ship-happy strategy fans.

Etrian Odyssey IV offers something no other RPG on this list can: custom cartography.

Using the touchscreen to draw your own detailed map as you traverse its lush labyrinths makes for a truly rewarding experience, and one of the best examples of what dual-screen gaming can bring to the genre.

Add in snappy, class-based combat, deep character customization, a rich orchestral score, and a beautifully verdant vibe, and Etrian Odyssey IV becomes one of the most disarmingly pleasant dungeon crawlers we've ever combed our way through.

Traveling and taking on the world with your own Pokémon team is as fun as it was back in 1998, and gameplay shakeups, an appealing island-hopping structure, and a host of quality-of-life improvements make Sun and Moon our pick of the 3DS Pokémons.

The second RPG in our list to feature turnips in a prominent role, Return to Popolo Crois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale is a real diamond in the rutabagas.

This agricultural adventure focuses on the eternally optimistic Prince Pietro and his quest to return light and vegetation to a barren kingdom, through a wonderful mix of JRPG journeying and Harvest Moon-style crop raising.

The random nature of making monster friends can frustrate, and its fetch quests may be less appreciated by older players, but the value of Yo-Kai Watch's whimsy and wonder shouldn't be underestimated.With the possible exception of Final Fantasy, no name in RPGs enjoys as much cachet as Dragon Quest.These adventures are renowned for their storytelling, art design, and stellar soundtracks as much as their town-traveling and turn-based battling, and the 3DS' inaugural entry — a fantastic remake of the Play Station's Dragon Warrior VII — lives up to that reputation and then some.Nintendo's long-running Fire Emblem series had a real renaissance on the 3DS, with the series' trademark mix of high drama and tactical SRPG gameplay spiced up through an anime-inspired aesthetic and incredibly addictive romance elements.Awakening may have kicked off that trend, but Fates gets our vote as the can't-miss 3DS instalment, thanks to its dual-kingdom setup and engrossing My Castle mode.

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As a remake of a 1997 Japan-exclusive dungeon crawler for the Sega Saturn, Soul Hackers perhaps sticks out as an underdog on this list, but it's one of our very favourite 'deep cuts' in the 3DS' RPG library.