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I started to fall in love with Westbrook and Durant, and I’m still not over Harden. I’m sad to see him with the Nuggets, but again, you lose some and we’re training these awesome players. I think there’s still time to prove ourselves, yes, I do. But I have these really high heels, these Oklahoma City Thunder pumps, but I wore them on stage, just to show my love.

I feel a little bit badly about it, but my Dad tried to explain to me about it being a business decision, and I get that, but I don’t know, it was a little heartbreaking to see him leave. Like Jeremy Lamb, he’s a baby, but in five years what’s he going to be doing? ME: So do you feel like this is the year for the Thunder to finally break through and win a title? I think like three of my shoes could fit in Kevin Durant’s shoe. First game is Washington Wizards at New York Knicks. ME: Second game is Oklahoma City Thunder at the San Antonio Spurs.

She played the role of Annabeth Schott in this television show.

She played the role of Olive Snook on the comedy series “Pushing Daisies”.

sharing her own story about being adopted as a baby.

Although Chenoweth recognizes that every adopted child struggles with their identity at some point, her overall perspective on her adoption is remarkably positive, and we’re so glad she’s opening up about such an important (yet, sometimes, hard to talk about) topic.

But since that I’ve become an even bigger fan and bigger fan, and I’ve really enjoyed watching basketball. KRISTIN: I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of a lot of teams, because I’m very loyal to my Thunder, but I have a little bit of love for the Spurs — a little bit, even though they’re in direct competition with us.

I’m not really loving the Heat, and I’m a little torn about how I feel about Le Bron.

Kristin has mostly worked in supporting roles in films like The Pink Panther, Stranger than Fiction and others. She used to perform Gospel songs for local churches at a young age, and was also a part of the school plays.Chenoweth will also return to Broadway in the Roundabout Theatre Company‘s 20-week limited engagement of “On the Twentieth Century” in early 2015. KRISTIN: () Nobody thinks that I can talk basketball. ME: I know you’re originally from Oklahoma, but were you a basketball fan before the Thunder were there? A) I’m not a fan of the Heat, and B) Le Bron’s on the Cavs. KRISTIN: I think I should tell sort of how it came for me, like, this love of basketball. I was a cheerleader, but I knew I could never play basketball because I’m 4-11. To celebrate the upcoming day, we’re talking with a few famous NBA fans about what the NBA and the Christmas Day games mean to them. KRISTIN: I’ll watch the Thunder because I’m going home to Oklahoma, and everything stops in Oklahoma when the Thunder play, as well it should.We’ve already spoken with John Leguizamo, Mario Batali and Anna Chlumsky, and today we wrap up by talking with Emmy and Tony award-winning singer and actress Kristin Chenoweth. ME: And then the last one is the Warriors against the other team from Los Angeles, the Clippers. So I’ll be watching with my Dad and my cousins and everybody.

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She has also played the role of Charlie Brown in Broadway.