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Updating links

Alternatively, a specific plug-in or update site can be selected by going to menu Help -- Installing new software is the way CCS and Eclipse define a feature or capability that is not yet currently installed.

This feature or capability can be a new major version stream of the compiler (5.x if you only have 4.x installed, for example) Note: if you need to install an entire new feature such as a new device family that was not selected during initial install, or a new JTAG debugger family or manufacturer, check the Installing an entirely new feature section below.

To access this functionality, simply go to menu Help -- This screen has several fields and options: The Work with: drop-down selection refers to which configured update site is selected.

Whatever is shown in this list is directly related to the update sites configured in CCS, as shown in the Managing Update Sites/Servers section below.

If a AV is not acting as BC for that U/W mission than he/she is just a passenger/guest and only requires a type III The AV (member) mission hrs are not counted in AOM for that member...

The AV must have their hrs entered into AUXDATA by the members FSO-IS. They, unfortunately, are not going to get reimbursed for anything like the BC members are entitled to during that facilitys patrol.

Any time a carrier or other regulated entity changes its name or address, or other details in their record, they should update their US DOT and operating authority record with FMCSA in a timely manner.

However when I open the file, the Acrobat application is greyed out so I am not able to complete the install.

The AV is covered for liability/medical during that mission/patrol because he/she is doing an authorized Aux activity.

June NS Newsletter NS Run Sheets 2018 NS Training Schedule First District PATON System First Northern BRIDGE System NOAA Nautical Discrepancy Report System NOAA Seamless Raster Charts for Google Earth NOAA's Website US Aids to Navigation Booklet USCG NAVIGATION RULES AND REGULATIONS HANDBOOK Use of Electronic charts in Lieu of Paper Charts EVERY AUXILIARIST, WHILE UNDERWAY ON AN AUXILIARY PATROL SHOULD BE CHECKING AND REPORTING ALL DISCREPANCY(S) TO THEIR CG ANT ON EVERY FEDERAL AID, PRIVATE AID AND BRIDGE THAT YOU OBSERVE.

Note: sometimes the software being installed may fail due to reasons like permissions (more common in Linux) or incompatibility between the existing CCS release and the software to be installed (more common if using older CCS releases).

In all cases, read carefully the error message to solve the issue.

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