Updating ipod nano

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However, when I plug the device in two (2) IPods' drives appear. The i Pod nano wasn't the first smaller-sized i Pod Apple introduced after the runaway success of the classic i Pod lineup—that was the i Pod mini.The shake-to-shuffle feature is thanks to a built-in accelerometer similar to the one used in the i Phone to provide feedback based on a user's physical manipulation of the device.It also adds support for recording voice memos using an external mic or Apple's in-ear headphones, which have a mic attached to them.

Nano owners who participated in the suit received – in most cases.System Requirements Mac: Mac OS X 10.4.8 or higher; i Tunes 7.4 or higher Windows: Windows XP and newer; i Tunes 7.4 or higher Price (USD)4 GB: 98 GB: 9 More » Released: Sept. 2009The fourth-generation i Pod nano returned to the rectangular shape of the original models, being taller than its immediate predecessor, and brought back the slight rounding on the front.The 4th generation i Pod nano sports a 2-inch diagonal screen.It uses a click wheel to scroll through menus and control music playback.Screen Lawsuit Some nanos initially had a screen that was prone to scratching; some also cracked.

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If the problem persists, uninstall ITunes, then install ITunes again." I did that along with changing the cable - receive the same message!