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Updating active directory schema

After extending schema you would need to make sure , existing applications would continue to work.

Testing Active Directory Schema updates can be trick task as schema updates are “One Way” meaning the schema updates needs to get done on your domain controller holds the schema master FSMO role from there it gets replicated to all other domain controllers within the Active directory forest environment.

In Active Directory, each object is defined within the Active Directory schema.Time to time Active directory engineers will recommend stopping inbound and outbound AD replication on the Schema Master Role holder DC and believing this would prevent schema changes getting replicated to rest of the domain controllers within the environment.Which in reality buys you “Nothing or very little” .ACLs are implemented by the administrator and used by directory to keep track of which users and groups have permission to access specific objects and to what degree they can use or modify them.I have a test domain that is at server 2012 R2 level.

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This activity replaces an AD activity by the same name available in prior releases.

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