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It’s hard to believe, but when Odell Brewing Company opened back in 1989, they were only the second microbrewery in Colorado.

Since then, the brewery has become a leader in our state’s booming craft beer industry.

Projects can be nominated and organizations can apply online as well.

Gummy vitamins have always been a great idea, but they’ve also always been full of unnecessary, not-so-great ingredients. Founded in the 1920’s, Winter Park Resort is Colorado’s longest continually operated ski resort.

From ancient teachings to modern science, Gaia is the world’s largest resource of conscious media.

Through yoga, meditation, alternative spirituality, human origins, the unexplained and more, their content provides a roadmap to a deeper understanding of where we’ve come from, how we’re connected and how we can thrive in our larger ecosystem.

So, in partnership with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), Cactus developed a campaign that helps all Coloradans understand what safe, legal and responsible retail marijuana use looks like.

Working in partnership with the Colorado Department of Human Services, Cactus built the Colorado Crisis Services brand from the ground, up, developing everything from the name and logo to collateral and a mass media launch campaign.Colorado youth let us know that their number one deterrent from using marijuana is the fact that it can get in the way of their short-term and long-term goals.Armed with that insight, Cactus developed the “Protect What’s Next” brand and campaign to help youth discover and achieve their personal ambitions—and to prioritize them above using marijuana. They make the most delicious Chai in the most thoughtful way.As a result, they can offer acupuncture coverage, free generic drugs, and free doctor visits, and at the same time have the lowest rates out there.As a leading partner of Horizon Organic, we continually work to expand their brand beyond dairy and into organic meals and snacks.

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With a history spanning more than 100 years, Denver Zoo is one of Colorado’s biggest tourist attractions.