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Triad dating service

Triad employs architects of the highest caliber and ensures that in-service training is used to develop skills of its staff.

Many were Quaker families who moved to the area from Pennsylvania in search of productive farmland.

However, the Confederacy demanded that those who were able to make shoes, uniforms, or weapons continue to do so or pay heavy taxes.

Also, records indicate Confederate President Jefferson Davis and his entourage passed through Jamestown during its hasty retreat to the South after the Civil War ended.

TRIAD Nairobi retains active associations with practices in Kampala, Dar es Salaam, Kigali, London, Johannesburg, Chicago and London.

TRIAD’s experience spanning over 50 years includes the successful designing and delivery of over 3900 projects with a wide range of typologies that include; Master Plans, Hotels, Office & Urban developments, Shopping malls, Residential, Institutional, and Industrial developments, and Corporate Interiors.

Today, High Point City Lake is situated where the original family farmhouse and land was located.

The Mendenhall family, who owned and operated the area's first grist and lumber mills, also owned much of the town's original land.

Timothy retired in 2013, but remains a consultant to the practice.

Daniel Mutiso, joined TRIAD straight out of architecture school, University of Nairobi, in 1976 on recruitment by David Bristow.

Jamestown was also a known "stop" along the Underground Railroad, which helped fugitive slaves reach freedom in the North.

According to local historical records, many Quaker homes in this area had a trap door leading to the basement to help slaves escape.

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He went on to become TRIAD’s first African partner and played a significant role in Triad’s growth by securing many projects for the firm during the push to Africanize the industry by the newly independent Kenya government.