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Cheers :zoid:" country="Australia" ipaddress="" anchor="/f/rust/dffq/Game-keeps-crashing-on-launch/1/#postfyvg" posted="1383874290" postnumber="0" postid="54656" forumid="6" edittime="0" editinfo="" userid="7937" username="Besieged" threadid="6254" posts="0" threads="0" joindate="" userurl="/u/dhsj/Besieged/" avatar="" avatarstyle="" usersearchurl="/search/user/dhsj/" userclass="username" leveltitle="LVL1 - 0% to LVL2" levelclass="level-1" level="1"Set Launch Options Enter this into your launch options : -force-d3d9 CREDIT GOES TO x That Guyx[/QUOTE] [B]THIS MIGHT NOT WORK FOR EVERYONE BUT ITS WORKED FOR A FEW[/B] Title says it all, My RUST keeps crashing when I try to play it.

Cheers :zoid:[QUOTE=robotluke123;42794188]turn off fullscreen that fixed it for me[/QUOTE] No dice I've tried changing ALL graphics settings including fullscreen and windowed and I'm still having the problem.[QUOTE=explosivepast;42794406]same thing is happening to me....i wodner if its happening to everyone?

Do not run the verification process while performing other system-intensive processes, such as defragmenting your hard drive or scanning for viruses.

Do not run this process for multiple games at the same time.

If everything checks out go ahead and find your issue in the list below.

In this list, you will find the Conan Exiles errors that players are currently encountering and for each issue, you will also find a solution or a workaround on how to fix it. We will start with the Conan Exiles no servers showing up because this is the most encountered error in the game and it’s starting to annoy a lot of players.

[/QUOTE] Its definitely not happening to everyone but its happening to a large enough amount of people that this isn't negligible.

Start options (I guess thats how its called) (Or whatever its called in english) And write in there : -force-d3d9 CREDIT GOES TO x That Guyx" country="United States" ipaddress="" anchor="/f/rust/dffq/Game-keeps-crashing-on-launch/1/#postfyyc" posted="1383879704" postnumber="6" postid="54730" forumid="6" edittime="0" editinfo="" userid="8095" username="explosivepast" threadid="6254" posts="0" threads="0" joindate="" userurl="/u/dhyl/explosivepast/" avatar="" avatarstyle="" usersearchurl="/search/user/dhyl/" userclass="username" leveltitle="LVL1 - 0% to LVL2" levelclass="level-1" level="1"turn off steam beta new steam update is crashing the game" country="United Kingdom" ipaddress="" anchor="/f/rust/dffq/Game-keeps-crashing-on-launch/1/#postfzau" posted="1383882500" postnumber="11" postid="54800" forumid="6" edittime="0" editinfo="" userid="5846" username="Lurklet" threadid="6254" posts="0" threads="0" joindate="" userurl="/u/depy/Lurklet/" avatar="" avatarstyle="" usersearchurl="/search/user/depy/" userclass="username" leveltitle="LVL1 - 0% to LVL2" levelclass="level-1" level="1"Thanks it worked for me as well [QUOTE=Besieged;42793739][B][U]TEMPORARY SOLUTION FOUND[/U][/B] [B]THIS MIGHT NOT WORK FOR EVERYONE BUT ITS WORKED FOR A FEW[/B] Title says it all, My RUST keeps crashing when I try to play it.

There you will find our tool, and it will help you fix the connection of the server or showing up the issue. If your client is hanging on the loading screen and is not progressing beyond a black screen, please either wait a little longer, or you may end the task by pressing CTRL SHIFT ESC and manually ending the Conan Exiles task. This issue may be caused by hardware that is close to the minimum specifications.Enjoy :)the temp solution did not even work for me, i have no idea what is wrong,just that i get the same error as the creator of this topic...i have not been able to enter rust for a week now, due to the fact i did not have internett, so now struggling with this error the past 2 days,after i got internett back, is really annoying : P any dev or admin or moderator or whatever that are able to find out what the problem is? : Syeah i know this thread is old, but it was the onlyone i could find here with this problem, and since someone told me before, that i should post in old threads with same problem,instead of making a new thread, that is why i opened this thread again lol Can't edit my post from my phone but the game obviously was on Steam at the time.The first step is to check the system requirements of the game and make sure that you at least meet the minimum ones.If you don’t, you need to upgrade your PC because this is why you are encountering your issues.

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The game has been released for almost a day, and by now there are a lot of players complaining about the issues of the game.

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