Statistics dating older men younger women

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Statistics dating older men younger women

Averaging across users, let’s graph women’s tastes based on the difference from his age to hers.Women’s first choice, in fact, is men about the same age.With a little outside research, however, we could tell another story. And according to this data, men (not women) choose their dates to optimize for starting a family. Granted, with modern medicine women have a high chance of conceiving well into their 40’s, but for 99.99% of human evolution, this was not true, and men’s tastes are likely not up to date.It’s a pretty safe bet that, in most situations, men aren’t thinking about conceiving a baby when they ask a woman out, but their preferences certainly correlate with that motive. Male fertility is a significant issue, with the onset sooner than you might think.

And yes, the All Men Are Scoundrels theory is one (cheap) explanation that fits. Lots of reasons — for fun, for sex, for companionship, or to start a family. Whether you buy the causality is up to you, but the biological correlation is undeniable.Hugh Hefner’s harem aside, it seems most women are not looking for the oldest, richest guy around.*Polite clap* One more question — do women get less choosy as they get older?Being a woman with a high historical fertility helps her chances, but it’s still a minority factor.Let’s take that graph of how women are liked by age, and color some things in: We can’t just compare the raw size of these regions without committing crimes against statistics, but the overall point is still legitimate: most of why people are liked, male or female, has nothing to do with their reproductive ability.

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“Love is blind.” “Money doesn’t buy happiness.” “Cocoa Puffs are part of a balanced breakfast.” Alright, only General Mills and I say the last one, but “age is just a number” is one of those mantras that may not be as true as we’d like it to be. At Coffee Meets Bagel, we get to test a lot of theories about human relationships, using our superpowers of data, statistics, and nosiness.

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