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NH Hotel Group established the “Hotels with a Heart” programme 12 years ago, with a view to helping foundations and NGOs to cover their accommodation needs in the Group’s hotels.

The Company consolidated this commitment through agreements with hospitals and foundations in a variety of countries to support children with serious illnesses and their families with limited resources when they need to be accommodated away from their own towns and cities.

These are the cardinal points from which feelings imprinted on our bodies and our subjectivities orient ourselves or drive us astray into latent and ambiguous territories.

SENSE NAVIGATION SYSTEM proposes forms of negotiation between the local site of agency and globally defined possibilities, necessary in order to navigate through the present.

We have been collaborating with the Make-a-Wish Foundation since 2005, making it easier for children with life-threatening medical conditions to make their dreams come true, enriching the lives of the children and their families through personal experiences filled with hope, strength and happiness.

We have been collaborating with Fundación Menudos Corazones since 2004 by donating over 1,000 room nights annually in Madrid for families of children suffering from heart disease, who have to spend long periods away from home to receive medical treatment at hospitals in Madrid.

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Durerea nu robeşte / paloarea iese castă cu irizări plăpânde / spre sufletul cel frânt.

Unlike vision, which is concentrated in the head, tactility is distributed throughout the entire human body as a capacity of all the five senses – a quality of touching and being touched.– Vlad Moldovan, fragment of Electronische Bauhaus Especially since technologies and multimedia strive to hide their mediation and create the illusion of an immediate perception of reality, this erotic bond is elusive, yet inescapable.How do we account for the technological entanglement of the body, the world and perception?We are ‘positioned’ within a transparent, rationalized, expansionist, spectacular and clamorous space-production, where the globe is used as its own map: convention becomes construction.To this, an entirely different kind of production is confronted, a make-believe consumption, where vast and extensive media networks and relentless technosciences modulate a constellation of power, production and experience.

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