Orthodox christian dating site

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Orthodox christian dating site

After all, God didn't create only angels; He also created people.

Rather, marriage is the setting up, by two people, of a miniature church, a family church, wherein people may worship the true God and struggle to save their souls.

Both paths are callings; we often know from a very young age whether we want our future family to be monastic or worldly.

Among those of us who answer the worldly call, it's not uncommon to trip over the misconception that it's okay for a worldly family to be less spiritual than a monastic family.

This is the very reason that we're forbidden from being mismated with unbelievers (2 Corinthians ).

While the Church doesn't always consider non-Orthodox Christians unbelievers and therefore doesn't categorically forbid mixed marriages with them, Orthodox believers need to accept and understand that an inter-denominational marriage is much less desirable, on theological grounds, than the marriage between two Orthodox believers.

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Marriage is meant to have a mutually corrective spiritual influence, to give holy support to both partners in their struggle toward their common goal of attaining salvation.