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At the end of Season One, she, Chanel #3, and Chanel #5 are sentenced to life at the Palmer Insane Asylum after being framed for the Red Devil murders by Hester Ulrich.Later, the girls are acquitted of the murder charges, but are disowned by their families.#5 explains that she was bored and went to the freezer to find that #2's corpse disappeared.

While discussing a plan to get rid of the body, Hester Ulrich walks in and reveals her interest in "death" and how to dispose of the body properly, however Chanel ignores her help and decides to take Chanel #2's body in the freezer instead.Grace then goes back to investigate the secret door, and discovers the bathtub that Sophia died in during the 1995 flashback while giving birth during a Kappa party.However, Chanel catches her and reveals it is where Kappa "keeps its darkest secrets" and tells her Sophia's story, and also that Cathy knew about the death and covered it up for the 1995 sorority sisters.Chanel denies this, but Cathy, believing that Chanel wanted Melanie out of the way to take the sorority for herself, as well as her plans to take down KKT, started with revoking its charter.Gigi Caldwell arrives in the room, introducing herself as a lawyer and saying that Cathy cannot revoke the charter and apologizes.

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