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within the course of an action of something you really wanted to undertake [i.e., sex].” Because of that impact, Regnerus said, “sex no longer means pregnancy, which means the price of sex … Because the risk of it has diminished.” “You may not like that kind of language,” he added, “but I dare you to document to me how it is not true, how it didn’t happen.” Regnerus then brought up pornography. “It’s a technology that has fundamentally altered how men and women interact,” he said.“It is a low-cost alternative to sex.” “It more carefully, closely mimics the real sexual act than ever before, and so it too drives down the cost of sex,” he said.To the right you see the gorgeous face of the queen of Paris, Notre Dame Cathedral.To the Left the Palace of Justice, the beautiful bridges of the city, and the booksellers on the river bank.

“It prevents a socially and personally seismic event, pregnancy, from occurring … Modern pornography, with its virtual experience options, leaves women vulnerable in relationships.

Wonderful.” The talk was hosted by the Students for Child-Oriented Policy, a student organization at Notre Dame that focuses on conversations and policies that promote flourishing of children and family life.

“SCOP’s goal for this event was to expose the dangers of a lukewarm [attitude] to dating and relationships,” junior Jim Martinson, incoming president of SCOP, told .

The bedroom looks onto a quiet courtyard for a tranquil and peaceful ambiance, a respite from the noises of the city.

The living area faces the river and the Paris island ILE DE LA CITE, which allows plenty of light and fresh air.

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Regnerus said he’s doubtful the #Me Too movement would bring about significant change in the male-female power dynamic, since it does nothing to give women more power in relationships. “I’m seeing evidence of a little bit of a comeback.

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