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The administration and the unions have courted Capitol Hill allies, with Republicans supporting Trump’s tactics and Democrats backing the unions, a key constituency.

The administration describes Trump’s new rules, issued in May, as an effort to streamline a bloated bureaucracy and improve accountability within the federal workforce of 2.1 million.If any readers of this website know, please advise! I’m not sure I can clear this up, but I can shed some light for you to review.I have a bottle that also has the PL inside a shield with a pitchfork.However, there is not a 3 under it, but rather a 2 outside the shield towards the lower point and off to the left side.The interesting thing about this bottle is it has the words “Hospital Dispensing Unit” on it, and the cap is also present. On the outer rim of the cap there is “Lithographers In USA” and the H over A mark of Hazel-Atlas.

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And efforts by previous Republican administrations to diminish union power have been piecemeal.