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New Jersey, New York, Conn, Penn, anywhere around there would be fine. I live in Florida and I was wondering how can I track down my Blood line of who was who is my family?I have been trying to locate a church but have no success. I know for a definite fact that I am part Cherokee from my mothers side of the family, which came from her mother and her mother and so fourth. Please help, Thank You Shain Good morning, I ran across your site and was curious if you knew of a Native American Church in central Texas (near Houston or Austin).So I hope that you understand it right what I mean.I am looking forward to get more in contact with you!

Hello, My name is Bryan and I am a registered memeber of the Miami Nation of Indians.I am so grateful to the ones that kept this way alive through being jailed and worse for many years so some of us could have the chance to experience the blessings that come from this way of prayer.If you are meant to be in a service you will be led to it, it will find you.I was hoping to learn more and maybe become involved in a local chapter.I am not aware if it is needed, but I do have my CDIB card in case it is required to volunteer or join a church.

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