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Love dating sites cuba

Herrera fell fast for Andro when she traveled to Cuba in 2016. “I looked at it and thought, ‘This can’t be right,’ ” she remembers.

He was a friend of her cousin, and over her month-long stay, they became friends. “I couldn’t focus in class.” The day before, on Sept.

For the past year, they’ve had a long-distance relationship: he in Havana and she in Portland, Ore. Two days later, she was scheduled to travel to Cuba, where she and Andro had an interview at the U. Embassy for his K-1 visa, the category for a fiancé of a U. Neither the cause nor the source is known, and the Cuban government has denied any involvement.

Like other Americans who found love on the island, Herrera realized that dating someone in Cuba meant her relationship would be subject to volatile international politics. As a result of the embassy staff removal, visa services for Cubans have been halted.

Since Trump came to office, the odds have been stacked against them.

“When Andro gets here, he might pass out or something after all we’ve been through,” jokes Herrera.

On a trip to Havana to see her boyfriend in June, she ducked into a hotel in Havana to charge her phone when she saw Trump on TV, announcing his promised repeal of President Barack Obama’s Cuba policy.

“I thought, ‘This is just my luck,’ ” Leslie tells me, “I finally meet the dream person and there are going to be lots of obstacles if we ever seriously want to be together.” Leslie worried that she wouldn’t be able to travel back to Cuba. Embassy in Havana later announced that it would transfer services to Bogota, Colombia, although Herrera felt little relief.

On her first day in Havana, she went to a party and met a man named Alejandro.

He would later become her boyfriend – and one of the main reasons she has returned to the island six times in the past year and a half.

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Now Herrera is not sure when they will be together. Michael Bustamante, a professor of Latin American history at Florida International University, says the “protracted divorce of the U. from Cuba” had “human effects of all kinds.” Families – split between alliances, borders or economic interests – have often been forced to separate.

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