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JDP: Well, for one, I feel that a lot of the cases that we've been tapping into are perhaps bigger and more historical. It's exciting to then be able to go into the field and document our own evidence in regard to these anomalies that people have been talking about for a very long time.

So we wanted to tackle a video that has been talked about so much.

EST/PST, with the first of six new season two episodes.

Hansen and de Pardo are joined in their investigations by lead scientist Bill Murphy, tech specialist Devin Marble, stunt expert Austin Porter and new team member, photographer Lanisha Cole.

Do you think you will be going on the Ghost Hunters live Halloween show at Pennhurst?

BH: Yes, both Jael and I have been invited, so, yes, we’re looking forward to it. Jael, do you feel that there's a big difference between the work you did with Destination Truth and the work that you do with Fact or Faked?

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Her site also indicates she's 5 foot 9 and has modeled for a variety of publications and brands.