Kerala sex site

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Kerala sex site

Those who indulge daily in heavy physical exercise, keeping awake at nights, walking long distance, excess sexual intercourse, too much of laughing, speaking and other similar strenuous activities would perishl, just as a lion, after vanquishing an elephant.Massaging the body with soft, fragrant powder mitigates kapha, liquifies the fat, provides stability (compactness, strength) to the body parts and promotes health of skin.One should not get engaged himself in concerns which are devoid of the 3 pursuits (dharma, artha, kama) One should trim his hair, nails and mustaches in time (not allow them grow long), keep feet and orifices of excretion (ear, nose, eyes, urethra and anus) always clean.

One should learn to maintain a balanced state of mind in prosperity as well as in calamity.

Healthy individual should get up from sleep before sunrise to maintain his health.

The teeth and gums should be cleaned daily in morning and also after food, without hurting the gums.

One should not sneeze, laugh or yawn without covering mouth.

One should not make detestable movements of body parts.

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God, cow, brahmana, elders, scholars ,the physician, the king and guests should be treated with reverence.