Javascript validating text box while typing onlione sim dating games

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Often text fields are paired with labels that describe the text fields.See Examples That Use Text Fields for pointers on creating these pairs. As you type characters in the text field the program searches for the typed text in the text area. If the program fails to find the entry then the text field's background becomes pink.Article: Usable error message presentation in the World Wide Web: Do not show error right away Author: Javier A.Bargas-Avila, Glenn Oberholzer, Peter Schmutz, Marco de Vito, and Klaus Opwis Source: Interactive with Computers, Volume 19, pages 330-341 (2007) Results of the Study .There are studies/observations that show the people generally complete the entire form and then return to values that are incorrect.Even if you validate on blur they will tend to complete all fields and will then return to fix.

The following code highlights the found text, sets the caret to the end of the found match, sets the default background for the text field, and displays a message in the status bar.

The second could annoy users if they have to refocus a field.

Perhaps a solution is to display validity/completeness (green) in real time, while delaying the display of erroneous validation until blur? Don't validate while typing, for exactly the reason you describe.

Note that you have to validate on submit if you want make sure you catch errors.

Client side validation (i.e., on blur) requires Java Script and Java Script can be turned off. Also, not all browsers support the same level of Java Script.

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Here is a picture of the Click the Launch button ro run Text Field Demo using Java™ Web Start (download JDK 7 or later).