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Is xp still updating

So, when Windows 7’s Service Pack 1 came out, Microsoft updated both the original release and Service Pack 1 versions of Windows 7 with security updates for two years.

After that point, the original release of Windows 7 stopped receiving security updates.

You just need to make sure you enable updates, or you won’t get the security fixes you need, and may be vulnerable to new attacks like Wanna Cry.

While security updates are provided through the mainstream and extended support periods that last for a total of ten years, you have to be running the latest service pack or version of the operating system to stay eligible. Microsoft gives you 24 months to install a service pack or free update, during which time it continues updating both the old version and new version.

Also used Firefox, but kept that at an older version with some changes made in about:config.

Add:also used Erunt (registry backup) in case of an infection which sometimes compromise System Restore points, though never had to try it for that.

The operating system will still receive security updates, but you’ll have to pay if you want telephone or web chat support from Microsoft.

Businesses can pay for “Extended Hotfix Support” to request fixes for bugs that aren’t related to security.

When a Windows operating system is first released, Microsoft provides mainstream support for five years.

I run Panda AV Free, but I do not have any software firewall installed.

Even when XP WAS still supported, I NEVER ran any of the MS updates, so I must be WELL out of date as I built my PC in 2008! I use Chrome as my browser, and I use the internet a lot. I have done this on an old XP computer I have without issues but lately XP takes forever to look for updates so I turned off automatic updates and do POSready updates through the Microsoft Update Catalog.

I never had any antivirus program 'cause they always cause a lot of problems and slow down the system. That said...there is no reason to use an unsupported O/S access to websites..without basic AV support..expect to have a good day on your system.

I've been lucky enough till August 24, 2016, when a nasty ransomware came to destroy both me and my PC. So...yes, you have been lucky...because circumstances have changed sufficiently so that XP is not a primary target.

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Apart from joining the modern era, I also want to make use of more than 4GB RAM.... Up until now I have never had any viruses or internet related problems that I'm aware of with my PC.

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