Is ed westwick dating anyone dating and dad and daughter

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that she has spoken to Westwick since the allegations against him were made public.

She briefly reflected on the conversation they had and said, "he's going through a difficult time." She also said he told her the following: "The truth will come out and hopefully people see that and hopefully that’s it." Szohr added, "I don’t know those girls at all, and they could be lovely and awesome and all that.

She appears to be walking the line of defending him and believing his accusers.

It's definitely, as she made clear in her interview, a "tough" situation.

After being asked what it's been like for her to hear the allegations about Westwick, she said, "It’s a difficult subject right now for anyone that’s involved on either side …

I don’t even really know how to answer it, if I should, because I don’t want anything to get twisted, because I have known Ed for years and know how lovely he is, and don’t think he would ever put someone in a position like that."She continued, "It’s difficult, because you don’t want someone you know to go through that or do that to someone, or knowing them well, knowing that you don’t think they would, and you don't want, for the girls that are coming forward, it’s like, are they stretching the truth?

It was shocking."It seems Szohr is trying to be careful in how she responds to the situation involving Westwick." The actor went onto say that not only is it "a touchy, tough" subject, but she, "[prays] it's not true".Szohr also explained that she's happy women are coming forward with the claims they have against men.There are people that only know Jessica Serfaty as Ed Westwick’s girlfriend.But then, she has made a name for herself as a model and actress even before meeting him.

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He denied her claims calling them "unverified and provably untrue social media claims." (You can read his entire response below.) On Nov.