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Being slapped with a false rape accusation can be one of the most terrifying, isolating, and emasculating events that can befall a man, because another individual decides to leverage the power of “the system” to try to destroy his life, often for reasons he does not know or cannot comprehend.

When it happens, there’s frequently no one you can talk to, because everyone just presumes you did it...

So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating.

After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website.

If it’s less than awesome, improve these areas and you will change that too.

If your life is already awesome, improve these areas and it will become more awesome.

after all, why would some girl go to the trouble of filing a police report accusing you of such a crime otherwise? and what to do if you get stuck in some Jezebel’s fly trap.

The attraction between the two of you was palpable; sparks flew through the air like electric currents, and one thing very quickly led to another.

Kids ❤️ making video, but there’s really no other online place to safely share.

We connect kids who share interests and allow them to exchange feedback with each other.

After a night of passionate fun, she left with a smile on her face, bidding you farewell.

You proceeded on with your life, a little happier for the encounter.

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