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Lily’s ability to be shamelessly open to sexual acts for her own benefit give her a liberated sensibility, and make her short climb up the social ladder both remarkable and gratifying to watch.

Because the movie isn’t just about how Lily will use sex as power, but how men will gladly give away money and possessions hand over fist to experience Lily’s carnal pleasures.

Carter not only buys it hook, line, and sinker, but he’s brought on board the boat as Lily’s latest conquest.

He gives her a huge apartment filled to the brim with expensive items and Lily now finds herself ensconced in jewels and furs.

Since Lily’s total net worth at the moment is in the single digits, they hide in a car filled with hay.

This makes her seduction less of just a physical issue, but a moral one as well; making her men feel like champions of the universe when they’re with her gets what she wants, and if it demoralizes them afterward…

Here she finds a chubby Southern boy very much open to flattery and whatever else she concedes to in his boss’s private office. The movie infamously implies her sleeping her way to the top by means of cutting to the outside of the building and moving up a few floors every time a new male beau catches her eye. The men she goes through are pleasured thoroughly, and allowed to make themselves thought of as seducers.

That’s one way to get a job, and the film readily implies that Lily would have no luck here with talent or skills; in the workplace, the only way for a woman to get higher is to have a strong male advocate working for her side of things. No one can do the innocent little girl act like Lily, and each man is crushed when she moves onto the next man.

They’re protective each other and what little they can get their hands on, and while Lily is very much the leader, Chico isn’t just a useless simpleton slaving away in the background.

There are also signs snuck into the film here that Lily’s arrested development has codified this as the correct course of action for her.

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This is a great movie, fun and daring, and should be at the very top of everyone’s ‘To Watch’ list who’s interested in the era. Her latest lover double cross has the unfortunate side effect of a body count. And, stunningly, from the look of regret on her face, this brutal act has actually chipped through her emotional facade.