Ellen barkin dating al pacino

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Ellen barkin dating al pacino

Goodman, with his broad smile and incredibly reactive features, stands out amongst the cast and delivers a brief but memorable turn that was brimming with silent gusto.I absolutely love and while Patrick Warburton’s Kronk is unquestionably the star of the show, Goodman’s Pacha is the good-natured heart of the story that sets the vain Emperor on the right path.

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As one of America’s most talented and distinctive character actors, John Goodman has thus far had a career filled with both unforgettable starring performances as well as plenty of scene-stealing supporting roles.

While he has been in numerous classics over the years, he luckily also packs an uncanny ability to excel no matter what standard of movie he may find himself in.

Going back through much of his back catalogue, there were undoubtedly plenty of occasions where he proves to be the best thing in an otherwise extremely mediocre film.

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was always an ambitious project and the whole cast really threw themselves into the challenge, with Goodman being no exception.