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Children often eat , bishop of the French city of Tours some 1,600 years ago, is remembered every year in the Netherlands with a festival reminiscent of Halloween.Once a Catholic celebration, Saint Maarten has been revived in recent years as part of a concerted effort to bring back Dutch traditions.Think Mardi Gras or Rio – but then without the naked flesh and the sun. This is to celebrate the fact they have had a baby.Apparently, the aniseed is supposed to stimulate lactation so its a bit odd to feed them to your co-workers, and if, like many foreigners, you can’t stand them, you will end up with a desk drawer full.Traditionally, citizens do not need a permit to sell goods on the street on Queen’s Day which is why the streets turn into a giant flea market. New king Willem-Alexander has decided to rename it and shift it forward three days to his birthday on April 27. Eating oliebollen – deep-fried donuts – on New Year’s Eve One habit which foreigners seem to be very quick to adopt. The carnival festivities – complete with lavishly decorated floats, oompah-oompah music and LOTS of beer – hit the streets in February.And although traditionally a festivity for the Catholic south, the party is slowly spreading northwards.– the day of the little flags – is supposed to hark back to times of yore when the herring fleet came home.

Some of the mistakes I made are long-lasting and quite irreparable.

When Beatrix succeeded her mother in 1980, she decided to keep the celebrations on the same day, which is a public holiday.

She also scrapped the formal file-past at Soestdijk palace and introduced ‘meet and greet’ visits instead. Carnaval The roots of carnaval stem from the Catholic period preceding Lent, the ‘feast’ before the ‘fast’.

The Dutch will tell you children love Piet and he gets his black face from climbing down the chimney. Putting up a Christmas tree The Dutch love their Christmas trees.

If you really want to make them angry, you can point out Piet first appeared as an anonymous Moorish page in a book written in 1850. From October onwards, every garden centre turns at least half its floor space over to a giant display of Christmas tat – including tree decorations of every hue and material. The Dutch have been fighting a battle against the encroachment on Dutch traditions by Father Christmas or Santa Claus.

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Expat forums are filled with questions and concerns on just how to infiltrate the local Dutch circles.