Droid google latitude not updating

Posted by / 01-Jun-2017 23:49

Droid google latitude not updating

Please go to your phone settings – Applications – Select three dot menu (Top right corner) – Select ‚Special Access‘ – Select ‚Optimize Battery usage‘ – Find Endomondo on the list and make sure that it is not selected.Please go to your phone Settings - Additional Settings - Battery & performance - Manage apps' battery usage - Choose apps and select Endomondo.

It is always possible that wrong track points will be picked up by the phone.In some cases the quality of your tracking can be affected by your Time and Date settings, if this is currently manually set please consider to change it so that it is set automatically for the most accurate and up to date information.While this setting (Optimization) is active it may result in the application crashing or not tracking distance and therefore we’d like to encourage users to disable optimization for Endomondo if Enabled.Additionally, please note that certain cell phone covers / cases can block GPS signal on your device.This alone can cause miscalculations when tracking with any application.

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To minimize the error margin, we filter all track points to remove as many errors as possible.

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