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“In general, the topic of sex is something that is challenging for a lot of people to talk about.I think that aspect compounded with someone with specialized learning needs can be even more challenging if you’re not a teacher who’s really comfortable delivering this kind of material,” she said.“Sex and disability, disability and sex; the two words may seem incompatible,” Michael A.Rembis wrote in his 2009 paper on the social model of disabled sexuality.So what do people with disabilities wish they had learned in sex ed?This is what students and adults with disabilities said about their experience in sexual health courses and what they wish they had learned.“The idea of people with disabilities as asexual beings who have no need for love, sex, or romantic relationships is ridiculous.

We have a range of niche dating sites that can cater to any part of your personality, so you’ll be sure to find someone to match your taste!And this is a population who really needs this information.”The complete lack of sexual education in many schools for students with disabilities is particularly alarming given the fact that individuals with disabilities are at a much higher risk of sexual assault and abuse.In fact, children with disabilities are up to four times more likely to face abuse and women with disabilities are nearly 40% more likely to face abuse in adulthood.But it was the third health education specialist I spoke with, De Anna Quan, who really hit the nail on the head: “I think sometimes it also has to do with not having the materials and having trouble adapting the materials as well.While people often just don’t see disabled people as being sexual beings, they are.

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“Educators are thinking more about these students’ physical needs.