Detailsview itemupdating event not firing Lonely wife webcam videos

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Detailsview itemupdating event not firing

Please help i've been stuck on this for ages, I can find any examples which use a Label control's text doesn't appear to be set in the page which has a user control when trying to update the text property in the Form View's Item Updated event Hi There, I have a user control which hosts a formview control, gridview control and a label control. I have controls in edititemtemplate and insertitemtemplate.

The updating event fires, but the updated event does not fire.

Details View Mode Changing event is getting fired without any problem, but wen i click on update button Item Updating event is not getting fired I dnt Knw why??

I have taken Autogenerate Edit Button property to true. there is only one field and is bound field and i applied break point also to Item Updating event but control is not coming dre, even the page is not posting back.

I'm having trouble using the Detailsview control, I can display the information within the default boundfields and include a edit, delete buttons which botth work fine.

But, now the update event doesn't seems to fire and clicking it doesn't do anything.

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Ironically, I'd had two Details Views, one for Add and one for Edit and it works great...

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