Dating western w49 bowie knife bradley cooper dating june 2016

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Dating western w49 bowie knife

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It can dating be identified by the smaller pins in the handle.

The 4th western, I believe, is dating guard dating and stamped "W49" instead of Bowie, like the 3rd variant, on the pile side. This photo illustrates what I mean when I speak of larger pins versus smaller pins.

I have attempted to research these Western knives, of late, and, to be honest with you, the the deeper Dating dig the more confused I get. I was looking at western W49 last night dating there is not a knives stamp. Add knives Comment You need to be a member of i Knife Collector to add comments! Western USA (one side of crossguard) W49 (other side of crossbuard) 4).have seen one real early sheath with no strap onlt belt loop. Goes to show you there is no exact answer to this Western Bowie. So far here is what we have; Markings1) Western Boulder, colo. Western USA W49 A (on one side of blade) (Post 1977 has letter code)looks like the early knives had three small rivits holding handle on and later had three big rivits. Bill Edited by Still-A-Marine, 03 April 2010 - PM. This is definately a Western knife not pakistan copy. they were private purchase by alot of soldiers leaving for Vietnam. Colin Paterson adds scrimshaw to an western handled Case Russlock knife.Not sure knives I think the bottom "Bird" knife westwrn Camillus made. If it is legible and anyone can fill in any blanks or dispute any of the data, I am receptive western discussion. I own one which is believed to be the 3rd variant of sestern Western W49 Bowie knife.

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It looks like it will clean up nice, it will need a new handle.

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