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During Richard's absence on the Third Crusade, he took the side of the regent William Longchamp.Hamelin appeared in the 2nd coronation of King Richard in 1194 and at King John's coronation in 1199.THE LINEAGE also is taken from the above two accounts along with the Warren line of descent from Notes on the Southerland Latham and Allied Families by Edward Kinsey Voorhees, Atlanta, Georgia, Nineteen thirty one (For private Distribution) Microfilm No. I walked straight to their markers like one being led there for an old reunion.I also received many letters from friends and relatives answering questions, sending photos, and relating family information that found its place in this endeavor.William and his wife Gundreda were traveling in Burgundy in route to Rome, and finding they could not proceed on their journey on account of the wars between the Pope and the Emperor, stopped at the Monastery of St.Peter, at Cluni, where they were hospitably entertained by the monks.His father Hamelin granted him the manor of Appleby, in the William was one of the few barons who remained loyal to king John (who was his cousin) during the king's difficulties with the barons, when they sought for the French prince to assume the English throne, and is listed as one of those who advised John to accede to the Magna Carta.

In 1167, he escorted his niece Joan of England to He remained loyal to Henry through all the problems of the later part of the king's reign when many nobles deserted him, and continued as a close supporter of his nephew Richard was found among the rubble of the castle as the flints and dressed stones were being quarried for the general construction in the village.Many of the older homes, flint walls and some of the church can still be recognized as being from the ruins of this castle. Lower and several drawings made of the remains, part of which is in a booklet that can be purchase from the marie (court house) in Bellencombre.He died May 11, 1138, and was buried with his parents in Lewes Priory, his Countess having died before him February 13, 1131.His eldest son William, whose brothers were Reginald de Warren and Ralph de William de Warenne, 3rd Earl of Surrey (d.

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