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However, there is very little literature on publication patterns to help librarians select the length of their wait period in an evidence-based way.With the goal of providing data to help librarians make informed decisions, this paper presents and analyzes recent e-book publication patterns by subject and asks, is there an optimal wait period that balances the desire to get books soon after publication with the desire to get as many as possible electronically?Though e-books benefit remote users, multiple simultaneous users, or people looking for books at times the library is closed, waiting to make a purchase until a book is available in electronic format can mean that the content of a particular book is not available to any library patrons until months after the book was originally released.Purchasing a print copy at the time of publication usually means acquiring the desired content earlier; but, since most libraries cannot afford to regularly buy the same books in two different formats, buying print means forgoing the benefits of e-books.This paper asks if there is an optimal wait period for e-books that balances libraries’ desire to acquire books soon after their publication with the frequent desire to purchase books electronically whenever feasible.Analyzing 13,043 titles that Temple University Libraries received on its e-preferred approval plan in 2014–15, the author looks at the delays from the publication of print books to publication of their electronic versions.The researchers found that more than 60 percent of books three to seven years old were available as e-books, while only 41.67 percent of more recent books existed in e-book form.The issue of publication delay has improved, but not disappeared, since the ARL survey was done.

An A recent survey of academic libraries by Pro Quest found 46 percent of libraries spending more than a fifth of their book budgets on e-books.DDA in any format is a cost-saving option, as it allows the library to only pay for books that it knows will be used.When this purchasing strategy is used for print materials, in contrast, there is a delay between the patron’s request and the library acquiring the item.Since publication schedules vary, even between books by the same publisher, knowing how long to wait for an e-book is difficult.A common practice is to decide on a standard amount of time that a library is willing to wait to see if an e-book becomes available.

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