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What matters is how special the first date turns out to be.

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Of these 50 first date ideas, use at least a couple or more of them on each date.

Mix up the date idea combinations so you can keep the date exciting, and at the same time, comfortable and romantic too.

I teach English in China where my average class has 65 students, so I have trouble getting all of them to pay attention.

This game (though you should probably only do it once a semester) was amazing. This is basically like the TV show from back in the day called "The Dating Game.

You know you can’t make a hasty move, because you could end up ruining your chances in no time.

A first date is the stepping stone for all things love.

It doesn’t matter how new romance blossoms, through friendship or through a chance meeting.

Your date will be grateful and love you for planning a surprise date to the concert.

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At the end he/she must choose one to go on a date with.

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