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Dating archaeology challenges biblical credibility

For some reason the Egyptian system of numerals was preferred and used throughout Israel and Judah.

Dever notes that Jewish history professor Nadav Na’aman “has recently suggested that this system must have been adopted from Egypt by the 10th century; it cannot have been borrowed from Israel’s Semitic neighbors, since none used it.

He has given deep thought to the philosophical underpinnings of the subject.

Israel Finkelstein is a leading Israeli archaeologist whom Dever would classify as a revisionist or minimalist because he contends that the Bible is a late invention of Hellenistic Jews.

But its historical accuracy and its value as a source of truth are increasingly coming under fire.

Fanning most of the critical flames are minimalists and revisionists. Dever, author of Dever acknowledges having been grounded in the Bible as a child: his father was a fundamentalist preacher.

His reconstruction of this key period seems to expose the revisionists’ abuse of archaeological data and reveals the weaknesses of their revised histories.

Dever makes a good argument for the existence of a real Israel during the Iron Age, starting with the Book of Judges and leading into the period referred to as the United Kingdom of David and Solomon.The basic history must have been recorded by a contemporary of the event.The early prophets also provided an insight into the life of the nation of Israel, and it agrees with the archaeological record. He believes that while the Hebrew Bible is not “history” in the modern sense, it nevertheless contains the outline, as well as many details, of a real “ancient Israel” in the Iron Age.Though the younger Dever does not share that fundamentalism, he does admit that some of his father’s approach rubbed off on him: “I can still hear the cadence of his booming voice as he read Scripture from the pulpit; and I suspect that some of my own homiletical style in the classroom and in popular lectures comes from him.” As a young adult, Dever resisted delving into a critical study of the Bible, primarily because he felt his faith was on the line.Eventually, though, his love of learning prompted him to enroll at Harvard to pursue a doctorate in biblical theology.

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This is the central tenet of Israel Finkelstein’s book, . now known, enough to show beyond doubt that extensive written materials did exist in ancient Israel besides official archives, that is, that many besides elites could read and write.” One ostracon found in the 1980s in the eastern Negev Desert is of particular importance.

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