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When these kinds of mirrors age, they develop a characteristic crystalline shimmer behind the glass.Some antique mirrors have a silver backing instead of tin, so a mirror without this glisten could still be genuinely old.The centuries pass, the present arrives, and the aging giant is taken before it falls.Its destiny - to stand as the centrepiece of the family home, boardroom, showroom floor, study – is waiting.

Check out our events page for an upcoming sale near you!Phillips head screws were only invented in the 1930’s. Old mirrors should have a wood backing and crude, hand-crafted fasteners.These old-fashioned screws are likely to have irregular thread and heads that are a little off-center.A few of these frames will have a date stamp or the manufacturer’s tag on the back.If all the above factors check out and you think you may be on to a good thing, ask an appraiser for their opinion.

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