Cope with dating an airman

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The problem lies, for many men, in that the very thing that catapults them into those moments of exhilaration, is the very thing that sends them into the pits of despair.The loss of self due to identification in what we do, and what we achieve.Let me state that in retrospect, I can't believe just how shallow and stupid that is.Lost in this game of personal comparison was my joy.If Phelps story doesn't punch you straight in the face about that, then you're fooling yourself. When I was powerlifting, I got caught up in the same achievement based value system. Eventually, a huge sense of my self worth was derived by what I could lift. Lost on me was that I allowed them to dictate how I felt about myself.This was affirmed to me by the internet and people with huge followings that never recognized my lifting. How I felt about myself was dictated through pounds on the bar.If you ever need to mainline a 100% shot of straight awesome, then I urge you to go watch that split second win the U. swim team pulled off against France in the Olympics a few years ago. The greater the achievement, the more manly we are. It's a sports moment that cause us to shout out repetitive phrases in jubilant abundance. Blue ribbon in Boy Scouts, gold medal in the Olympics. Can you imagine being in a room with Michael Phelps trying to talk about that time you scored three touchdowns in high school to help your team overcome a halftime deficit? This one time in the Olympics..." Well played, Phelps. As men, we find a great deal of our identity in achievement.

What men are living longer with a higher quality of life than men who find themselves in such dark places that they see no other way out than to take their own life?

A moment in our life that truly sits at the precipice of achievement.

On a much smaller scale, many of us get to experience these moments first hand.

The older we get, the more likely it is we will succumb to these statistics.

Males that are 85 and older have the highest suicide rate of any demographic in the United States.

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Eventually I didn't enjoy training or competing because it was always about the numbers.

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