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Covering such a long span of time the examples of Colonial Revivals vary greatly depending on the period they belong to.

In 1876, America celebrated its 100th birthday and the nation became interested, arguably for the first time, in its own history and origin.

Other variations included the Cape Cod Colonial, the Saltbox and, in the South and West, the Spanish Colonial.

They copied simple Georgian-style houses with a center doorway, often with columns, maybe fanlights, symmetrical windows, often shutters, and dormers.But by the 1890s and early 1900s, America was looking for alternatives to the very ornate and fussy Queen Anne Victorians, and the simple houses of the Colonial period fit the bill.More than the Classical monuments of the Beaux Arts and Renaissance Revival movements, which were fussy in their own way, the clean lines and simple shapes of the Colonial period resonated with an America that was becoming more patriotic, in response, some say, to the waves of immigrants pouring into our cities.Colonial Revival architecture in Brooklyn Here in Brooklyn, especially Brownstone Brooklyn, we have our versions of Colonial Revival homes.One architectural firm in particular excelled in building them.

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The houses were built in clapboard-clad wood frames, as well as brick.

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