Chantal degroat lying bitch

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Chantal degroat lying bitch

Scolese's interest was piqued by his older sister, who recounted to him the lurid details of Happy Birth- day to Me, among others.

"This type of film had a huge impact on my life," Scalese says.

There is a section in the book about parents mur- dering their children so that they won't be attacked by the zombies. In WWII, on Okinawa, civilians were told by the Japanese government that the Americans were coming to kill them and eat their offspring. For me, the zombies ended up being the least scary part of the book." Brooks, formerly an Emmy-winning writer for Saturday Night Live, says that World War Z was also heavily influenced by the work of George A. "Romero started the genre, and yet everyone who has followed him has gone in a different direction," the author says.

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Says Ruggiero of the project's inception, "Fellow fanboy and pro- ducer Rudy had read Adam's book, and was inspired by it and an IFC documentary on hor- ror films of the 1 970s called The American Nightmare to turn [Rockoff's tome] into a film.

It must have been fate that we should end up pro- ducing it together, because I had been working at IFC when American Nightmare was made, and I too was thinking that an examination of horror in the 1 980s would also make for a great documentary." Both have been ardent fright fans from an early age; Ruggiero lays the blame at the feet of "let's see Michael Myers move this tombstone!

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For a studio to greenlight that, the production company has to sell it to the bean-counters, and they need to stack the deck with a hit director and a hit screenwriter, and I haven't proven myself in that field yet." For now, Brooks is happy to focus on pro- moting the book, and is not worried about being pigeonholed as a "zombie lit" writer: "I don't mind.