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She was dating someone else at the time, but I couldn’t get her out of my mind.Then Urie had to tell the fans to stop commenting negative about the couple and accept their relationship to the fans. Brendon and Sarah got married at Saddlerock Ranch, Malibu.Within two days of the addition, the song hit #1 on the daily top songs list, where it stayed for 13 consecutive days.It stayed in the top 10 for several weeks, and frequented the number one spot several times more.

In May 2009, Violent Things was released with a limited amount of physical copies of the CD, and also available on i Tunes.

They have two children; daughter, Amelie Olivia Weekes, born June 1, 2008 (named after the 2001 French film Amélie); and son, Knox Oliver Weekes, born June 23, 2010 (Named after Knox Overstreet, a character from the 1989 film Dead Poets Society).

By some good fortune and some help from mutual friends, we met up again 8 months later when she happened to be single. Goddamn, she’s amazing.” When Urie’s fans came to know that he was dating, they became very negative about the couple and started says vicious things to Sarah on Instagram.

In November 2012, Weekes stated in an interview with Salt Lake City's X96 radio station that these songs were written during the songwriting and recording process for Panic's fourth studio album, but did not fit with their collective vision for the new record.

After the departure of Ryan Ross and Jon Walker in 2009, Weekes and Ian Crawford were hired to replace Ross and Walker for Panic! Weekes' 'touring only' status changed in mid-2010, while on tour with the band in China.

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The Brobecks opened for bands such as Fall Out Boy, Phantom Planet, Ben Kweller, and The Bravery.