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Though differing somewhat in details, each group consisted of like-minded Christians who, although often independent of one another, had declared independence from their various denominations and the traditional creeds, seeking a fresh start to return to the doctrines and practices of the New Testament church. Religious Census of 1906, all congregations associated with the Restoration Movement had been reported together by the Census Bureau.They did not see themselves as establishing a new church but rather sought "the unification of all Christians in a single body patterned after the original church of the New Testament." The names "Church of Christ," "Christian Church," and "Disciples of Christ" were adopted by the movement because they believed these terms to be Biblical, rather than denominational. But as the movement developed, tensions grew between those who emphasized unity and those who emphasized restoration, highlighting differences in the groups' underlying approaches to Biblical interpretation.It is a world-class sex manual that starts from the simplistic and evolves into the “Oh my God! This book helps couples to learn their “love language” and then recognize how these languages affect their actions, wants and desires within their relationship.I have used Chapman’s book to guide couples in therapy for years, as I believe that he makes understanding oneself, and ones partner, an enlightening experience. by Esther Perel Throughout the ages we have aspired to increase our IQ – and recently our EI (Emotional Intelligence), but the thought of sharpening our erotic intelligence has only recently taken ground.More broadly, the Restoration Movement was an evangelistic and Bible-based effort launched in various places as several people sought a return to the original teachings and practices of the New Testament.Christian leaders including Robert Sandeman, James O'Kelly, Abner Jones, Elias Smith, Rice Haggard, Thomas Campbell, Alexander Campbell, Walter Scott, and Barton W.For the Churches of Christ, practices not present in accounts of New Testament worship were not permissible in the church.In contrast, the Christian Church may consider any practice not expressly forbidden.

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This article is about a specific fellowship of Christian congregations.

For Churches of Christ that do not agree with congregational support of church or para-church organizations, see The churches of Christ (non-institutional).

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