Apple options backdating 2016

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Apple options backdating 2016

Before we begin, it's important to note that when you restore from a backup, you'll wipe everything on your startup disk.That means any work you've done since you upgraded to High Sierra will be lost (that might include songs you'd imported to i Tunes, or photos you'd added to Photos). back it up to a spare external drive or at the very least make a copy of any files you've created or modified since you upgraded.We explain how to create a bootable installer of mac OS here.If you don’t have the version of Mac OS you need here’s how to get an old version of Mac OS X.You cannot install a newer version of mac OS on top of any later operating system so your startup volume has to be erased first.Now you should be able to install the older version of the operating system following these steps.

Or it can be on a Time Machine compatible network drive, like Apple's Time Capsule.

Before you start the process of downgrading your Mac, you must back up.

During the downgrade process you will completely wipe your hard drive so if there is anything you don’t want to lose make sure you have a copy of it.

If you prefer to use an alternative to Time Machine, such as the free Carbon Copy Cloner, you should still be able to revert to the older version of the OS using our guide.

It needs to be a complete backup of your system from before the upgrade.

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If you've got photos in the Photos app and you don't use i Cloud Library, manually export them to an external disk so you can re-import them later.