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Taking us into the heart of the planet's busiest maternity hospital, the viewer is dropped like an unseen outsider into the hospital's stream of activity. See full summary » Magallanes, a former army soldier (Damian Alcazar) drives a taxi and eventually a driver of a retired colonel (Federico Luppi), who was in command of his troops in times of struggle against...

See full summary » In their remote home in the North Atlantic the Faroe Islanders have always eaten what nature could provide, proud to put local food on the table.

One possibility is that they were Christian "anchorites" - hermit monks - from Scotland or Ireland.

The Irish monk Dicuil, writing in about AD825, attested to "hermits from our land of Ireland" living in remote islands to the north of Britain prior to the arrival of Norse pirates, although he did not specifically described the Faroes.

Faroe Islanders are allowed to carry out the annual slaughter by law, which is partially devolved from Denmark’s government, although the legality of the practice has been questioned by activists.

The official history of the Faroes states that the remote North Atlantic archipelago was first settled by Vikings in the 9th Century AD and was little more than a barren outcrop of wind-blasted land prior to this point in time.

However, archaeologists have found definitive proof that people were living on at least one of the Faroe Islands at some point between the 4th and 6th Centuries AD - which is far too early for these intrepid settlers to be true Vikings.

A video below shows several men pulling a whale onto the sand, which campaigners say causes the mammal pain and fear.

There are around 1 million long-finned pilot whales and 200,000 short-finned pilot whales.

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