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Where the state age of consent is lower, this creates the irony that photographing a legal act can now be illegal.This law creates federal jurisdiction for virtually any occurrence of child pornography in the US by covering anything that was made using materials that crossed a state or national border.Activities so prohibited generally include any sexually motivated contact with the genitals of either person by the other, and may extend to related areas, such as exposure of genitals and lascivious talk.The minimum ages are called ages of consent because the basis of the laws is that the activity is deemed to require consent and a person below the given age is deemed psychologically incapable of granting such consent.

If circumstances give jurisdiction to the federal government, then a federal age of consent of 18 usually applies instead.

An “age analysis” performed on these two laws was used to see what they say about persons below any particular age.

This analysis looked for situations where these laws make some kind of sexual activity with a person below a certain age illegal, independent of or overriding any state laws under which it would be legal.

In the United States, most laws governing sexual activity, including issues of consent, fall under state jurisdiction.

However, the federal government passed laws in 20 that increase the circumstances in which certain sexual activity, especially with anyone under 18, is a federal crime.

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