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Adult chat at compuserve

To order copy of the book: tel 39 06 4121 9614, fax 39 06 4124 9505, email [email protected], website: Italy: Italy: is at El s�ndrome del acoso institucional Spain: Norma sobre Acoso Spain: Mitigaci�n del Acoso Institucional, estrategias para prevenci�n Spain: Maria J.Martinez-Pascua has translated some pages from Bully On Line at and under the Ethics heading.A self-help and mutual support organisation for partners of stressed teachers.Please enclose stamped addressed envelope when enquiring.CAFAS, the Council for Academic Freedom and Academic Standards, defends individuals against victimisation in the further and higher education Andrea Adams and Neil Crawford) and ordering details, click here.Tel 01472/588685 or email [email protected] Fielding provides a sympathetic ear to people experiencing bullying at work, especially in the north of England.

Counselling with uk, one of the oldest UK-based online counselling services.Contact address: Action on Elder Abuse, Astral House, 1268 London Road, London SW16 4ER Delwyn Tattum, Countering Bullying Unit, Faculty of Education and Sport, University of Wales Institute Cardiff, Cyncoed Centre, Cyncoed Road, Cardiff CF2 6XD, UK, Telephone 44 (0)1222 506532, Fax 44 (0)1222 747665.Delwyn and his colleagues have lots of experience of bullying in schools and prisons. The UK Prison Health Promotion Development Project (PHPDP), Directorate of Healthcare, HM Prison Service, Room 832, Cleland House, Page Street, London SW1P 4LN, Tel 020 7217 6084, fax 020 7217 6412, email Paul [email protected] is the National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders, a national charity providing a range of services for ex-offenders, those at risk of offending and those who have experienced the effects of crime.Holland: Stop Mobbing stil verdriet op de werkvloer Holland: see terreur op het werk: a Dutch web site on workplace bullying Italy: PRIMA Associazione contro Mobbing e Stress Psico-sociale, founded in 1996, is the first Italian Association against Mobbing and Psychosocial Stress: PRIMA Associazione contro Mobbing e Stress Psico-sociale, via Tolmino 14, 40134 Bologna, Italy, Tel 39-051-6148919, fax 39-051-941926, e-mail [email protected], web site Dr Harald Ege, the Director, has written the following books (in Italian): Harald Ege, ". Casilli, MAP book series Editor, Derive Approdi Srl, via Visso 12-14, 00157 - Rome, Italy.

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