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Or, after the period, a woman might claim her treatment because of her pregnancy or maternity amounted to less favourable treatment because of her sex.Employees are sometimes treated unfairly because they are assumed to be pregnant, or because they are connected in some way to someone who is pregnant or taking maternity leave.This protection also means that treatment which impacts on an employee negatively because of pregnancy or maternity may be discriminatory even though other staff are treated the same way.Victimisation is when an employee suffers what the law terms a 'detriment' - something that causes disadvantage, damage, harm or loss because of things like: Victimisation can also occur because an employee is suspected of doing one or more of these things, or because it is believed they may do so in the future.View or download the new Acas guide Pregnancy and maternity: key points for the workplace [511kb].You can also download our Pregnancy and maternity discrimination: obligations for employers [45kb] fact sheet and Pregnancy & maternity discrimination: top ten myths [31kb].

Everything was great, the room looked amazing and the food fantastic. Amber and Hunter were so nice and helpful to me during my stressful times and everything went smoothly. But it doesn't say an employer must provide somewhere for them to breastfeed.However, it is not suitable to use toilets for breastfeeding.We are here to make sure that your event goes perfectly, and we are looking forward to sharing it with you soon.I simply wanted to thank you for all the help you were in setting up my event last night.

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Everything was perfect, and we actually managed to pull off the surprise!

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