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Abstinence dating

Sometimes I find myself wanting to say, “I don’t know if I can continue doing this” or “This is becoming extremely difficult for me,” but I’m hesitant, because if I say those things, she may believe that the physical is the only thing I wanted from her, when that is not at all the case.You become fearful that she may no longer see you as being understanding or supportive, and sometimes you feel like an animal because you’re ashamed for wanting something you’ve enjoyed for so many years.

Dating abuse is a big problem affecting youth in every community across the nation.As I venture out into the dating world, I run into a lot more women who are practicing celibacy (including the woman I’m currently dating).And while I feel like women who practice celibacy for the purpose of bettering themselves should be celebrated and appreciated, I can’t deny the fact that, as a man, it can become quite difficult.A relationship can be abusive even if you have good times together.Abusive relationships don’t always start out that way; they can become abusive over time.

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Violence often starts with little things that can be denied, ignored or forgiven.

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